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Managing high blood sugars 1

Mr Brown, an elderly patient being treated for pneumonia

The scenario

So I was doing an evening on call covering the wards, when one of the nurses from one of the care of the elderly wards rang to say that Mr Brown, who was a gentleman who’d been admitted on the take the day previously, has got a BM of 26.  He’s a gentleman who is normally on once daily insulin together with some oral anti-diabetic agents and is currently being treated for pneumonia.  She says he otherwise seems OK.

Samantha, junior doctor

Your response

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Supporting resources

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  • What are you going to do?
  • Is this something that can be left until morning?
  • The patient is found to be vomiting but does not have ketones. Your consultant asks you to prescribe IV insulin using the chart provided. This is from a hospital that uses fixed rate insulin infusion charts. Other hospitals use sliding scales.