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Managing a hypo 2

82 year old diabetic on glicazide

The scenario

“Hi there.  There’s an 82 year old lady who has just been admitted to the acute medical unit.  She’s a type 2 diabetic on glicazide, 80mg orally twice a day and apparently she takes some diuretics for heart failure.  It sounds like she’s got very dehydrated in the recent hot weather and because of this her GP’s sent her in.  Her creatinine has also risen to 270 so she’s in acute renal failure. The nurse says she’s really drowsy and her BM is currently measuring 2.7. Will you take an urgent look at her and then feed back to me please?”

Richard, consultant

Your response

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  • How would you manage the hypo?
  • How is hypoglycaemia different in this patient than a patient on insulin?