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Type 2 diabetic on injectables

The scenario

Here you are given either a video or audio clip, along with a transcript of what was said. These are real scenarios that junior doctors will experience in the workplace.

Hi, thanks for taking the call.  I’ve got a type 2 diabetic here who’s quite overweight.  They’re on an injection that I don’t understand.  She tells me that it’s insulin.  It’s called exenatide.  Can you tell me what it is please and how I’m supposed to give it?”

Tracey, nurse

Your response

Here you will be asked one or more questions about the clip and you can submit your response. To help you with your task, we have provided some relevant resources, for example NICE guidelines. If you are feeling confident, you can make your response without viewing these. If you would like a little help, you can choose to view them to help you make your response.

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Supporting resources

How would you respond to this query?
In some scenarios, there may be a drug chart to complete, or some other skill to practise. The aim is to prepare junior doctors for the kinds of practical activities they may need to undertake.