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Preparing for discharge

New Type 1 diabetic

The scenario

Part 1 - “Would you be kind enough to sort out Mrs Bloxham please? She’s came in with diabetic ketoacidosis and she’s a new diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.  She has now recovered. Please convert her to a basal bolus regime.”  

Part 2 – “The diabetic specialist nurse has now seen Mrs Bloxham and she’ll need to go home on a basal bolus regime with disposable pens and 8mm needles. Can you write her TTA medication order please to ensure she gets her long and short acting insulins and can we also make sure she’s sorted out for her pens and devices?”

Connie, consultant

Your response

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  • Choose the appropriate short acting and long acting insulin with starting doses.
  • Choose the appropriate pen devices and needles to send her home with.